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Exploring students’ views on clinical simulation in the acupuncture programme at a South African uni

Year 2022, Volume 10, Issue 2, 251 - 263, 30.06.2022

Journal for the Education of Gifted Young Scientists

A Contact Clinical Simulation at the HEI (one standardised patient was acting as a real patient at the simulation centre acting as clinicians to perform a consultation, physical examination and case discussion.

Abstract Students’ competencies in clinical practice is vital in health sciences. Clinical simulation is one approach used to support students’ learning in clinical practice. There is a lack of research on clinical simulation in acupuncture programmes in the African context. This paper explored the experiences of acupuncture students’ views towards clinical simulation in the acupuncture programme to strengthen clinical teaching using the Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge Framework as a theoretical lens. A qualitative research approach with an interpretivist paradigm was adopted. A single case study design was selected. Six undergraduate students voluntarily agreed to participate. The data were analysed inductively using the thematic analysis approach. Findings revealed that students were optimistic about clinical simulation because it assisted them in their practice. The findings highlighted students’ views regarding the lack of knowledge and skills among instructors and poor infrastructure. The study also found that students gained more confidence in the clinical simulation since they were aware that the patients are not harmed. It is recommended that clinical simulation should be included and standardised in the acupuncture curriculum. To improve clinical simulation, the authors recommended that clinical simulations should be carefully planned and coordinated; training facilities needed upgrading to accommodate COVID-19 regulations and a detailed handbook on clinical simulation should be developed to standardise the simulation process.


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