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The Prescription of Pneumonia No.1 is effective in treating mild 2019 n-coronavirus pneumonia and r

The Guang Zhou No.8 People's Hospital (GZPH) is a provincial and municipal designated hospital for the treatment of 2019 n-coronavirus pneumonia. Since the 20th of January, when the first case of new coronavirus-infected pneumonia was treated, many doctors in the eighth hospital have been fighting on the frontline.

In the treatment of pneumonia caused by 2019 n-coronavirus in Guang Zhou No.8 People's Hospital, 50 patients who were diagnosed as mild pneumonia caused by 2019 n-coronavirus infection were treated with The Prescription of Pneumonia No.1. After one week of clinical observation, the body temperature of all patients returned to normal range, 50% patients’ cough symptoms disappeared, 52.4% pharyngalgia symptoms disappeared, 69.6% fatigue symptoms disappeared and none of them has developed to severe conditions. Experts believe that The Prescription of Pneumonia No.1 can significantly improve the clinical symptoms of pneumonia caused by mild 2019 n-coronavirus infection and has a tendency to reduce the occurrence of severe pneumonia with significant clinical value.

The Prescription of Pneumonia No.1 was jointly developed by Tan Xinghua, a senior physician of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) Department in GZPH, and Zheng Xingyu, a senior physician of TCM Department in Fujian Provincial Hospital. This prescription is focusing on dispelling heat and toxic materials, tonifying qi and nourishing yin. Professor Zheng xingyu studied TCM from Guangdong famous doctor professor Li bingnan. He has been engaged in Chinese medicine for more than 30 years and is good at diagnosis and treatment of bronchial asthma, chronic cough, hypertension and coronary heart disease. Professor Zheng xingyu participated in the treatment of 2019 n-coronavirus pneumonia as a TCM expert in Fujian province.

(Professor Zheng Xingyu and Tan Xinghua)

On January 31, Guangdong Food and Drug Administration planned to include the application of The Prescription of Pneumonia No.1 in an emergency approval process as a medical institution prescription to be declared by Guangzhou No.8 People's Hospital. "It is still at the stage of approval, and the exact results will be announced." The relevant person in charge of the Food and Drug Administration said.

(Senior physician and Professor: Dr Zheng Xingyu)

Ingredients of The Prescription of Pneumonia No.1:

Lian Qiao Shan Ci Gu Yin Hua Huang Qin

Chai Hu Qing Hao Chan Yi Qian Hu

Chuan Bei Wu Mei Xuan Shen Tu Bie Chong

Cang Zhu Huang Qi Tai Zi Shen Fu Ling

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