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Hengchun Health Centre (HCHC) was invited to attend the 2018 Annual Conference Medical Consultation

From 27th of January to 30th of January 2019, HCHC was invited to attend the Medical Health Support during Huawei Technologies SA’s annual conference. HCHC was there preparing for any emergency situations, medical consultation and treatment.

HCHC has prepared very well for the support. Many medical support for emergency situations was on site, including medication, disposal medical items, sphygmomanometer, glucometer, ECG, Chinese herbal medicine and therapy table. Dr Z Hu himself was on site to make sure everything was ready for any medical needs.

During the 4 days conference, there was no emergency situation. Many staff consulted their health conditions during the break of the conference. All staff were grateful and satisfied regarding the company’s arrangement. “It is so convenient for us to have doctor’s consultation during the conference as we always don’t have time to go out and see doctors.” Mr Wu said.

In this event, HCHC has greatly supported the safety of conference in terms of medical emergency. What’s more, Dr Hu has collected the data for high risk diseases such as hypertension and heart disease by consulting staff. Solutions for these high risk diseases also were drafted by Dr Hu helping the company to prevent further severe event.

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