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Hengchun Clinic Case study: Lower back pain, what if I am afraid of needles?


Low back pain is a common human experience -- almost everyone has it at some stage. The lower back is also called the lumbar region. Pain here can be intense and, in Chinese Medicine, the causes may related to kidney, injuries, missed work, damp cold or damp heat. Symptoms may range from a dull ache to a stabbing or shooting sensation.

As we known, there are many clinic study revealed people with chronic or long-lasting back pain show improvement after receiving acupuncture treatments. Although, acupuncture is not really painful, there may still be others who are afraid of needles. In this situation, is there any other method that will also benefit lower back pain? The answer is YES, except acupuncture, most of the time we may use herbal medicine for this condition.

Here we are going to share one lower back pain case healed with herbal medicine.

Patient, M, 36yrs

First consultation: 2018-5-8

Main complaint: Lower back pain 3 days, comes and goes, aggravated by bending or twisting, Red tongue with thin white coating, normal pulse

Diagnosis: Lower back pain

Prescription: Du Zhong10g Niu Xi 10g Gou Ji 10 Ji Xue Teng10g Gou Qi10g YinYangHuo10g Chuan Xiong 10g Wu Yao 10g

*2 days, cook with water, take twice a day.

Feedback on 2018-5-10: The lower back pain has relieved a lot. The pain would not affect daily life.


In Chinese Medicine theory, lower back pain is related to kidneys and other external causes such as cold, heat or damp. The pain may be on one side or both sides next to the spine. Lower back pain may happened in all year round regardless seasons. During the treatment, we may use either acupuncture or herbal medicine to unblock the meridian channel, activate the blood circulation and tonify kidneys.

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