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Hengchun Clinic interviewed by Edu-space from Soweto TV

21st of May, 2018, Edu-space from Soweto TV profiled one new career field, Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, in Hengchun Health Centre, Midrand (Hengchun Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Clinic).

Edu-space is an Educational show on Soweto TV. They profile different careers, cover educational events, give away educational prizes, life style of students and residents. Thursday @ 5pm 251 DSTV Soweto TV South Africa.

In the morning, a general introduction of the career of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture (CMA) has been profiled. The host has interviewed with the professional, lecturers and the students from the clinic. The programme includes many detailed aspects, such as: What are Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture? What diseases can be treated with acupuncture? How to become an acupuncturist? What’s the difference between Chinese Medicine and western medicine? As well as the prospective income as a Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture practitioner.

During the interview, Dr Z. Hu and Dr D. Carpenter have shared many general information on CMA especially regarding the theories and practical activities. At last, the host was experiencing his first acupuncture treatment during the show provided by Dr Hu. Everyone was impressed by the information that we can use these pure stainless steel acupuncture needles to help varieties of medical conditions such as lower back pain, neck pain, frozen shoulder, stroke rehabilitation...

We hope that more and more people will get to know CMA through the show, more and more people will come into this field. Make public health better and better in South Africa.

Dr Z Hu in interview

Dr D. Carpenter in interview

Dr Z Hu in interview

Group photo was taken after the interview

2018年5月21日星期一,南非索维托电视台EDU SPACE节目组到访恒春堂中医院,拍摄一期关于中医与针灸的电视节目,介绍中医与针灸相关内容,为南非有兴趣成为针灸师的人们有效指引。

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