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Chinese herbal medicine (CHM) cases 2017 from Johannesburg

South Africa HengChun Chinese medicine and acupuncture clinic 2017

1. Flu/cold

Patient: Male, 4yrs Date: 2017-8-19

  1. Conditions: Fever comes and goes, cough for 4 days. hoarse sound. Body temperature 37.2℃-37.9℃, sweating. Red tongue with yellow coating.

  2. Diagnosis and treatment: Flu(Wind heat with dampness). Treatment plans: Clear heat and dampness.

  3. Feedback: Patient was fully recovered after taking the second Chinese herbal medicine.

2. Digestive problem

Patient: Male, 4 yrs Date: 2017-8-22

  1. Conditions: Poor appetite comes and goes, poor digestive function, red tongue with thick yellow coating.

  2. Diagnosis and treatment: Food stagnation (Damp heat blockage in middle Jiao). Treatment plans: Clear heat and dampness, smooth Qi and stomach.

  3. Feedback: Appetite improved after taking the third Chinese herbal medicine.

3. Irregular menstruation

Patient: Femal, 43yrs Date: 2017-7-26

  1. Conditions: Lmp: 30/4/2017, 28/2/2017;dry lips for one month, cold hands and feet. Stool every 1-3 days. Red tongue with thin white coating; pulse: thin.

  2. Diagnosis and treatment: Irregular menstruation (Qi and blood stagnation). Treatment plans: Activate Qi and blood, regulate menstruation; avoiding raw and/or cold food

  3. Feedback: After 7 days CHM treatments, menstruation came in the next morning.

4. Oppressed chest

Patient: Female, 36 yrs Date: 2017-7-25

  1. Conditions: Headache on the left side for a few days. Oppressed chest feeling, sigh, dream a lot, sticky stool. Normally late menstruation. Pale tongue with white coating and thin slippery pulse.

  2. Diagnosis and treatment: Oppressed chest (Liver stagnation with spleen deficiency). Treatment plan: activate Qi and blood.

  3. Feedback: Improved after 7 days CHM treatments.

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