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Acupuncture treatment cases 2017 from Johannesburg

South Africa HengChun Chinese medicine and acupuncture clinic 2017

1. Bell’s palsy

Patient: Male, 28 yrs. Date: 2017-4-24

  • Conditions: Suffered from Bell’s palsy for more than 1 year, left eyelid could not fully close since then.

  • Diagnosis and treatment: Bell’s palsy. Treatment plans: unblock the meridians and activate Qi and blood circulation.

Feedback: After 9 times acupuncture treatment, patient’s left eyelid can be fully closed.

acupuncture south Africa Johannesburg

2. Sequela of stroke ( Cerebral infarction)

Patient: Female, 75 yrs. Date: 2014-8-10

a.Conditions: “Hypertension”/”Diabetics”, suffered from stroke in 2011, paralysed with locked hand on the left side since then.

b.Diagnosis and treatments: Sequela of stroke. Treatment plans: Unblock meridians.

c.Feedback: Patient’s left hand opened during the first acupuncture treatment.

Chinese medicine acupuncture Johannesburg

3. Frozen shoulder

  • Patient: Female, 60 yrs Date: 2017-2-16

  • Conditions: Pains in left shoulder for 3 months, comes and goes, could not lift left arm.

  • Diagnosis and treatment: Frozen shoulder. Treatment plans: Needling in the left leg and move the left arm at the same time during the treatment.

  • Feedback: Pain relieved and patient would be able to lift left arm after the first treatment.

4. Sequela of stroke ( Cerebral hemorrhage)

Patient: Male, 40yrs Date: 2017-8-15

  • Conditions: “Diabetics” for 10 years, “Post - Coronary bypass surgery”; suffered from cerebral hemorrhage 45 days ago. Paralysed on the left side since then. Left arm and left leg myodynamia: 0.

  • Diagnosis and treatment: Sequela of stroke.

  • Feedback: The 1st day (before the second treatment) after the acupuncture treatment, left leg myodynamia: Ⅲ-Ⅳ; after the 4th treatment, left arm myodynamia:Ⅱ-Ⅲ; after the 6th treatment, patient may walk with walking stick; after the 14th treatment, patient may walk stairs independently.

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