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How to know your health condition through three fingers?

Do you know that the rhythm of your heart will change according to your body condition? If you have been to a Chinese Medicine doctor before, you definitely would have been impressed by diagnosing through the doctor’s three fingers. As we known, there are four unique ways attribute to diagnose and make a decision: Inspection (face & tongue), Olfaction & Auscultation, inquiry and palpation. In this article, we are going to talk about how to diagnose through palpating th pulse.

Arteries, following the rhythm of one’s heart, are beating all the time. Some patients, suffering from some kinds of heart diseases, would have changed the normal rhythm. In fact, not only the rhythm but also the blood pressure and speeds will be changed according to body condition.

Radial artery is a superficial artery, thus we can feel the beats easily. The ancient Chinese Medicine doctors have discovered that both sides of radial arteries have some connections to different parts of one’s body--the left radial artery relates to Heart, Liver and Kidney, while the right radial artery relates to Lung, Spleen, and Kidney (Same with the left side).

Basically, in Chinese Medicine theories, Heart is in charge of both the heart in anatomy and mind and their functions, Liver is in charge of liver, emotions and joints, Kidney is in charge of growing up, sexuality and reproductive system , Lung is in charge lungs and skins, Spleen is including alimentary canal, digestive function and muscles.

Therefore, a well-trained Chinese Medicine doctor would be able to distinguish more or less than 20 types different pulses through their three fingers. Each of them represents a kind or some kinds of different conditions of one’s body. This guidance attributes to the precise prescriptions both in Acupuncture and Chinese herbs.

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