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Welcome to the age-old art of healing, where the delicate dance of energy within the body finds its rhythm—welcome to the world of acupuncture at ACCMA.

Dating back over 2,500 years as an integral part of China's health care system, acupuncture stands as a beacon of ancient wisdom in the realm of holistic well-being. Rooted in the fundamental concept of Qi, the vital energy flowing through our bodies, acupuncture has evolved into a therapeutic philosophy that believes in restoring harmony for optimal health.

At ACCMA, we embrace acupuncture not just as a historical practice, but as a contemporary and effective form of therapy. This ancient modality is not only a standalone treatment but also seamlessly complements conventional medical care, offering a holistic approach to health and wellness. Our skilled practitioners specialise in using acupuncture to address a diverse range of discomforts, from persistent neck and lower back pain to knee issues, sciatica, stroke rehabilitation, and various sports injuries. It's a versatile tool in our wellness arsenal, extending its healing touch to alleviate a spectrum of ailments, including frozen shoulder and tennis elbow.


But acupuncture is not the sole custodian of our healing traditions. Step into the realm of Cupping and Gua Sha, where ancient practices meet modern well-being. These techniques, aimed at maintaining health, enhance circulation, relieve stress, banish fatigue, and provide solace from body aches, muscular pains, and tightness. The efficacy of acupuncture extends beyond tradition; it has garnered recognition even in esteemed institutions like Harvard Medical School in the USA. Their study on relieving pain with acupuncture underscores its credibility and relevance in the contemporary healthcare landscape.

At ACCMA, we invite you to experience the timeless art of acupuncture—a journey where ancient wisdom meets modern precision, guiding you toward a harmonious and pain-free existence. Discover the healing power that has transcended centuries, and embark on your path to holistic wellness with us.

What conditions may benefit from acupuncture?

Acupuncture is commonly sought for alleviating chronic pain like arthritis or lower back pain, but its applications extend beyond these conditions in various regions worldwide. Prior to exploring acupuncture, it is advisable to consult with your doctor. Numerous conditions may find potential benefits from acupuncture, including but not limited to:



Neurogenic bladder dysfunction
Parkinson's disease
Postoperative pain

Stroke rehabilitation



Irritable bowel syndrome






Menstrual pain



Irritable bladder
Male infertility
Some forms of impotence


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